Superintendent Earl l. Newton: Senior Pastor



Elder Earl la’Counsel Newton was born on September 2, 1977 in Phoenix, Arizona he is the second of three children. He is the son of Luther Dawson Sr. and Sister Pearlene Reynolds.

 He was reared up at the Trinity Church Of God In Christ under the pastorate of the late Supt. A.D. Hucthings. He accepted the Lord as his personal savior at the tender age of 13. He was a member of the Purity class and was a member of the Step Team known as Warriors 4 Christ. Upon the demise of Supt. A.D. Hucthings he and his family re-located to the Whole Truth Church of God in Christ where Elder Newton accepted his call to the ministry. He served faithfully in several capacities at this church. He worked faithfully and diligently without fail at Whole Truth for 16 years in the areas of Sunday school, YPWW, Deacon Board, Choir, and Junior Choir. He served as the Youth Pastor, he also served as the Junior Brotherhood President and he served as the personal assistant to the late Supt. Emeritus Sylvester Colter.

 He attended the Bishop J.W. Taylor Memorial Pre-School; he also attended the Palm Lane Elementary. While living the Christian life at home, school and church He received his High School Diploma from Trevor G. Browne High School. Elder Newton went on to receive BA degree in Political Science from Arizona State University. He is currently pursuing his MBA from University of Phoenix.

 In 1998, Pastor Newton accepted his calling to the Ministry.  He was ordained as an Elder by Bishop LeRoy Robert Anderson, prelate for the Church of God in Christ, State of Arizona in 2003.   In 2006, Elder Newton was appointed Pastor of Whole Truth Church of God in Christ. In 2009 Pastor Newton was appointed to the position of District Superintendent of the New Direction District.

 On the state level he serves as a member of the State Finance Committee, the Platform Coordinator he also serves as the Chief-Adjutant to our Jurisdictional Prelate Bishop Harvey T Young, Sr. He also serves on the advisory board for Bishop Harvey T. Young, Sr. He has served the National Church for the past 10 years as a National Adjutant he is a member of the National I.T. Department and serves on the Technology Advisory Board to the Presiding Bishop.

Supt. Earl l. Newton is a pastor with a global focus. Supt. Earl l. Newton is an anointed preacher and teacher whose vision for God’s people enables him to build bridges, reach across denominations, generations, gender, race, culture and ethnicity, changing lives and building communities. His preaching and teaching focuses on empowering believers spiritually, developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically.

Supt. Newton operates with an Apostolic anointing upon his life to help bridge the gap for God’s people by taking them from where they are and helping them get to where God has promised. He also has a desire to build the Kingdom of God through church planting. It is his desire in the near future to plant 10 churches through-out Arizona.

 Supt. Earl l. Newton does not limit his ministry to the church. He is Founder and President of the Whole Truth Community Development Corporation organized in 2001. He is leading an entire community towards restoration, healing and empowerment. Supt. Earl l. Newton is also committed to helping individuals destroy the yoke of poverty and affirm themselves with sound biblical principles. He was the host of a weekly radio broadcast known as Truth is Freedom Radio Broadcast which was heard throughout all of Arizona and New Mexico.

He serves the community by serving on several key committees and task force with the city of Phoenix, with the express purpose of bringing change and empowerment to the South Mountain Village Community. He also serves on several community collaborations that are making a great change within our community.

 Supt. Earl l. Newton is married to Lady Ayetta B. Newton, a gifted woman of God who serves the ministry right by his side. They have three children Marlon Juston, Eri’el leAnn-Pearl and Eri’Ane le’Yetta.